Friday, February 11, 2011

Ring Ring...

.. so I am work and a call drops in on my line..

"Hi Julie.. it's me - Don.. Sorry to call you at work, but I have to ask you something." He whispered (as if that would make a personal call less of a no-no here at work!!!)

"Ok, what is the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing.. but I need to know. Did you put a "chirper' in the incubator with the eggs?"

"A chirper??" I laughed..

"I can hear a baby chick chirping, but none of them have hatched!" he said excitedly.

..still laughing I said, "They will do that days before, even while they are still inside the egg. They are not due until Saturday and it could go as long as Monday since the temperature has been a bit low in the incubator. It is a very good sign though!!"


The Snyder Family said...

Thats funny! Daddy probably thought he was loosing it. LOL.
Wish we were there.
We would have love to be there for this. Especially Madison, she loves looking at the blog. Can't wait to see the baby chicks!!!
Do you plan on doing more eggs like this again?
Maybe we can plan a trip if there is going to be another.
Love you!!!


bsealey said...

How fun, I will keep my fingers crossed for a successful hatching! : )

RiderWriter said...

Well, I just learned something! :-) I've never hatched out chicks, even when I was a kid at school (my own children have done it a couple times), so I certainly did not know they will chirp before they're even born... that's wild!

Kat said...

How cool!!!!!!!! Love the picture you used....much much much better than those yucky egg photos. LOL


Laura M. said...

How sweet that Don called about your little fuzzies :)

RiverBend Farm said...

How cute is that? I love the picture of the little chic! I can't wait..I bet you can't either!

vivian said...

thats too funny!! love hearing about your hatching fun!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

awww... how sweet! I want chicks now!!