Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OK!! No More Egg Pictures!

I promise!!! Only cutesy baby chick pictures like this one:

I forget that since I come from a family of doctors and because I used to work as a Surgical Tech (like a scrub nurse in the operating room) .. things that I find facinating, make other people ill.

Don is scheduled for his next surgery this Friday morning. We are expecting snow Thursday as usual - Life is NEVER boring!!! That is for sure.

It took me an hour and a half last night to get the animals fed and settled, somthing that normally only takes me 20 minutes! Thirty of those minutes were spent trying to untangle an extension cord that was not only tangled, but also frozen! It was not just cold, but SO WINDY!!! My top half was warm, but my legs were numb by the time I was done.

I hope everyone is happy healthy and WARM!


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved the egg pictures! Stay warm, I haven't been out to the barn in a few days but am hoping to brave the chill tonight.

Kat said...

Thanks for understanding us "weenies" that have weak tummies! LOL


(praying for Don's surgery)

Brittany said...

OK but where did you get the egg pictures? I want to look at the rest myself! I'm with you--it's fascinating. and kind of gross. but mostly fascinating. :)

I am hoping to do chickens this year too...probably will buy some babies instead of hatching them from eggs.