Friday, January 21, 2011

The Package!

Here is the box as it arrived from the postman. I wonder if he knew what was in the box?...

..especially when this was clearly printed on the box in more than one place!

When I opened the top of the box I was please to see that care was taken to package these eggs...

..very very careful..

...very Very VERY careful consideration was taken with these eggs!

Every egg was individually wrapped in bubble wrap!

Once unwrapped, the eggs have to be placed into a carton pointy side down for 24 hours. This is so that the air bubble inside each egg with rise to the top of the larger end.

The gentleman I bought these eggs from told me he would send me a couple of extras. I purchased 12. His idea of a 'couple extra' was more than I expected. Not one is cracked.. so I have 18 eggs to work with. Don't wish me luck - pray for the baby chicks!!!


RiverBend Farm said...

Well, learn something new every day! I did not know that fertile eggs could keep that long. Your venture is very interesting. Keep us all updated.

Kat said...

Wow! Who would have "thunk" you could do this?! Can't wait to see how this all develops.

How is Don doing?


gowestferalwoman said...

very very very well packaged!

This is exciting - if I were you I would be talking to those eggs every day...but not too crazy, like in chicken clucks or something what are you saying to them?