Friday, January 28, 2011

Made My Day!

Yesterday I received a little surprise at work... for no particular reason at all!!! My daughter Emily sent me a planted basket of tulip bulbs that will bloom to look just like this! Mine are just starting to peek out of the ground, so I get to watch them grow. I LOVE tulips and wish we could grow them down here in the ground. Thank you Emily!! I love you!!

Baby Chicken Update:
I have to admit to something .. a couple of days ago, I grabbed one of my eggs and candled it. I have been having such a difficult time trying to keep the temperature and humidity consistent in the incubator we are using, that curiosity got the best of me. I just used a flash light and shinned it through the brown egg while standing in a dark room. I could not see anything. It was really early as candling brown eggs is more difficult than candling white eggs.. but I was still disappointed. It could mean one of four things: either this one egg was not fertile, it is not growing, it was too early to see anything or there is something there and my inexperience was such that I could not recognize it. The inside of a day 7 egg should look like this:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tulips! I hope the chickens are OK, I've enjoyed learning about the process.

gowestferalwoman said...

hang in there, brown eggs are tough - i think you really cant see any veining until day 10 at least with browns but by day 17 you should def. be able to see...

tulips are wonderful - your emily is wonderful for doing that!

Kat said...

How sweet! I love tulips too.


Dianne said...

I may never eat another egg!