Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back ~ Looking Forward

In 2010:

We bred our mare.
We went on a cruise - our first!
We bought 6 hens.
We built a chicken coop.. that will take our hens 600 dozen eggs to pay for!
We paid off some bills.
We charged too much at Christmas.
We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.
Don bought me a wedding ring.
Dad got sick
and we found out that Don relapsed.

In 2011 we Plan to:

Finish the coop.
Pay off my motorcycle.
Go on another short motorcycle trip.
Buy a few more hens.
Keep up with the vegtable garden.
Plant more fruit trees.
Get Dad healthy enough to come spend some time at the farm.
Have a Pinto foal!
Expect no less than 4 healthy baby lambs.
Put up more fencing.
..and do whatever it takes to get Don well again.


Leah said...

Sounds like a big year, it's amazing how much really happens in a year's time. I'll look forward to seeing your foal! And of course your chickens. :)

Helen said...

A simple message for you and Don today .... Happy New Year!

Nina Diane said...

sounds good and I wish you the best...always! Happy New Year my friend...

gowestferalwoman said...

And get your blog friends to keep praying for Don's recovery - you forgot to add that! :P