Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Chick Countdown!!!

I really think that even if chickens are not your thing.. you will enjoy this series of posts! You may even learn something - I know that I have!!

I purchased fertilized eggs for a specific type of chicken that I wanted. This type/coloring of chicken, Columbian Rock is really rare in the United States and cannot be purchased through any of the big hatchery's. The only way I can get them is if I have them shipped. Mine are coming from Georgia.

So this leads me to my first discovery. Fertile eggs can be stored for quite a while and hatched at a later date!

Here are pictures of Columbian Rocks - both a hen and rooster!


Kat said...

Good luck. Hope it works.

Hope Don is feeling better.


gowestferalwoman said...

oh these are pretty!

Hope Don is on the mend too!