Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Raise Your Right Hand IF...

..like me - you need to go on a diet because of what you ate over the holidays!

Here are some 'tips' if you will of how I get rid of a few extra pounds. Now keep in mind - this is what works for ME. It is not necessarily a good method.. in fact - I will tell you now, some of it is not even very healthy.. but for a short term .. and as I said "for ME" - this method works.

Day 1 - I have to fast. Now by "fast" I do not mean only water. I allow myself to drink orange juice, diet sodas, tea, and even a glass or two of milk. I also take vitamins to avoid nutritional loss and muscle cramps. This shrinks my stomach without the pain of a headache. I will even take a diet pill to curb my appetite because this is, for me, the most difficult day.

Day 2 - another morning vitamin and diet pill. Liquid only during the day. In the evening I allow myself some fruit for dinner.

Day 3 - another morning vitamin and diet pill. Liquid only during the day. Dinner is one can of Campbell's Chicken and Noodle Soup. (no crackers!)

...and so on for about 7 days.
As for activity - I fast walk on my treadmill (30 minutes at least) on the days that I do not go and see Dad right after work.

For me, this diet will get rid of 4-6 pounds of real fat. My weight on day 7 will be much less than that, but some of it is water weight and some just because my stomach is fairly empty. I have to be careful because you can actually drink more calories than you would have eaten if you are not careful. Only diet sodas. Ice tea (or coffee if you prefer) without sugar. Skim Milk or I love Silk Vanilla Light. The Almond milk is tasty - but not nearly as good for you as the Silk Soy milk is. I also keep sugar free gum and Tic Tac's at hand all the time.

Like I said - this is what works for me. I would never tell someone to use any of these tactics if they needed to lose more than 10 pounds as I think it is too rigid.

Am I dieting right now - yes. Today I am on day 2. The hardest day is behind me.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is dedication

vivian said...

do you see me waving both of my arms wildly in the air!?? eiy yie yie.. I gained about 12 pounds in the last 2 months! my plan is to lose 30 to 40 by summer. just waiting for the 1st to start.. til then I'm indulging!
Happy New Year Julie!

Kat said...

Yep, my hand is raised high in the air! My last post is all about it...I'm doing the low carb thing" and upping my exercise.

Good luck to you. Wish me luck too!


RiverBend Farm said...

You go girl! I saw you're on Day 4! I'm trying but not too much exercise..I've had my big butt parked in front of my sewing machine still trying to catch up on Christmas sewing.