Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...And Another Appointment.

Good Grief.. sometimes I get sick of doctors and hospitals and waiting rooms.. Uggghhh - waiting rooms. They are the worst! Honestly - is there a "Uncomfortable Chair Store" out there somewhere - where thay go and get all of their furniture?

breath in ~ breathe out ~ breathe in ~ breathe out..

Okay - rant over.. I promise.

Obviously, we had yet another doctors appointment yesterday. Oh yeah - did I forget to tell you that this chapter is about one of Don's doctors (not Dad's).just in case my insane life confuses you.

Ok - ok - ok .. back to the story. I know I repeat myself sometimes on this blog. Honestly, it is not for your sake .. but for me ..just so I can keep all the details in line. Don went to see his Hepatologist yesterday. Not the Hepatologist that is his transplant specialist .. but the other one. I would tell you their names - but honestly, I don't think I can spell them..or pronounce them for that matter. We talked about the results of his biopsy and told him about the horrible side effects of the medicine he was suppose to be taking to alleviate the pressure in the varices. Short story - the meds had so many side effects - Don cannot take it. So now we are going back to the other way of dealing with the varices.. surgery.

For those of you who might not know - varices are like varicose veins that are rising up above the tissue level in Don's throat (also in his intestines - but we are not talking about those right now) They have to be dealt with because if they burst open, their location makes it extremely difficult to control.. so these operations are a precautionary measure.

From the last endoscope, they told us Don has about 25 of these rising veins in his throat. The operation can only be done when he is NOT on treatment. They can only do one operation per month and they can only band about 6 at a time. By banding - I mean that the procedure is to place bands around each varices. In time, they will shrivel up and fall off leaving a scar and a tougher tissue. Each operation will require 1 nights hospital stay.

The following pictures may be graphic to some, but it shows a normal esophagas, and varices in stages 2 and 3. We were told Don is 3+.

Don's first surgery is scheduled for January 13th.


Stage 3


gowestferalwoman said...

oh my! That must be uncomfortable as all get out! Praying that God steadies those surgeons hands and get those 'bad boys" taken care of over the course of time!

julie - I hate waiting rooms - im such a wuss that i have lavender oil for the smell (a dab on the wrist before I go in to sniff once in a while lol) and a good mag or book i thoroughly want to read just to take my mind off of things...

Patrina's Pencil said...

Doesn't look good. In fact, it looks like discomfort in swallowing. My prayers are with you and Don for the new year's surgery. May it be a successful new lease on life for Don ... and you

Ginger said...

I hate waiting rooms too. It just wears you out sitting around.
I hope this surgery goes well for Don. Praying for him.

Dianne said...

Praying for Don. The varices does look so uncomfortable. Is he able to eat and swallow at this stage? I know you will be glad when this is over. It sounds like months of procedures followed by more of the same. Too bad it's not a one time surgery. You are both going to be worn out mentally and physically.

I always take my own book or magazine with me and try not to touch anything! Wish i could be there to comfort you while you wait. hugs, Dianne