Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Handgun Class

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to take a concealed handgun class. I have never even shot a gun off before, but I wanted to do this because I love to try new things. I think it makes me a more interesting person...and helps me to understand others opinions if I have my own first hand experiences ...

So after hours of classroom work, we went out to the shooting range and had to pass the test. I used my instructors semi-automatic glock which was modified to shoot 9mm shells. This is the gun I am going to buy for myself too.

Oh yeah - my score??? 242 out of a possible 250! Not to shabby!


Laura M. said...

Duuuude!!! You go girl! What a great stress reliever ;)

Dianne said...

You go girl!!!!! No one better mess with you!

Ginger said...

Good Job!!! We go out in the desert and shoot and I am horrible at it. I close my eyes just as I am firing, waiting for the loud noise. I am good at hitting rocks in the dirt. lol.

Kat said...

Very impressive!

Happy weekend hugs,

pedalpower said...

wow, you are a real sharpshooter! Good for you!!

gowestferalwoman said...


Your postings are very interesting, Julie!
You went from "I need to sleep in my own bed" to

"I need my own glock"...


and then you label the post as "family"

Thank you for the giggle!!! :D

(and yes, excellent shooting, as each handgun takes some time to get use to, call it a "relationship" as it will!)