Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Updates!

Dad is slowly getting better. He can get around on his own now, but still has quite a few issues with swelling..something common with heart patients. He has to be on Lasics (sp??) which sadly keeps him up all night going pee. He is not getting good rest. Wednesday afternoon we went on a walk. Every so often he would stop to rest on a bench ...and sometimes he would fall asleep! That is how tired he is!!

Don went to his doctors appointment on Tuesday. He is scheduled for a scope to check his varaces and a colonoscopy (yuck) on the 28th of September. I won't have any further information on him until then.

I returned to work yesterday..trying to play catch up. I am looking forward to decorating my house with Madison for Fall.. maybe starting this weekend!

By the way... that frog picture was taken at our farm... in the lambs pen... in the water trough!


Dianne said...

Hi Julie,
I am concerned about Don. Why the colonoscopy and scope? Is he bleeding? When does his chemo start? Please email me...I am praying. xoxo Dianne

Ginger said...

I thought maybe you got that picture of the frog off the internet. How neat that you took it on your farm. Pretty cool!!
Glad your dad is getting along okay even though he is tired and weak. That is probably expected at his age. Takes so much longer to recup. Think where he was a few weeks ago. My s.i.l. was in the hospital for a month and still can't walk on her own, she is so weak.
I don't envy Don having to do a colonoscopy. Yuck. Hope all is okay with him.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am glad your dad is doing better. The frog is cute. I hope all goes well for Don.
Take care of yourself

Kat said...

Good to hear an update. I hope your Dad continues to improve.

Everyone is talking about Fall weather, decorating, etc. as I'm visiting blogs lately. I actually did a post about it this morning since it's still very much Summer here in Florida.