Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something Extra to Remember Our Trip By..

When I go on any trip, I always like to buy something that is specific to the place we have visited. When we went to Alaska, I purchased a small piece of ivory carved and signed by an Eskimo (the only ivory that can legally be sold). When we went to South Padre Island and visited the sea turtle refuge, we bought a carved wooden turtle.. So when we were on our way to San Juan I knew what I wanted.. a piece of Larmar, a Caribbean blue colored stone that is only found in Puerto Rico. This is what I chose. It is actually a set of necklace, earrings and a ring that you don't see in this picture. I liked this set which is paired with some fresh water pearls.

...to my utter surprise though, while we were in St. Maarten, I found this stunning Victorian styled white gold and diamond wedding ring. As soon as Don noticed the look on my face when I saw it ..he said, "Let me buy that for you."..... you see - some 20 years ago when we married, we did not have the money for a big wedding. We did not have the money for any kind of honeymoon. We did not have the money for rings either. We married with rings that were already in our possession.

I will cherish the memories of this cruise for many reasons...but on this one trip, my souvenir is a bit more special than just something that reflects the place that we visited. This one reflects my life and my love.


Mz-Cellaneous said...

Oh.. that's so beautiful, ..... and touching :)

Laura M. said...

Amazing Julie! You've sure got a wonderful man there!

vivian said...

wow! Julie, such a beautiful ring! I'm so glad you had a good time, I enjoyed looking through the last few posts about your trip. I'm glad you splurged and got the balcony room.. I dont think I'd like the little cabin rooms. and yes.. your hubby is quite handsome! but you are beautiful too!
Hope your dad is doing better soon!
Have a good day.

Ginger said...

I love your jewelry, it's beautiful. You will always remember that cruise and the special momentoes.
Cute picture of you.

Mikey said...

That is truly a beautiful ring!