Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Cruise...

I have so much to tell you about the cruise... and so little time since my Father is still in ICU and the Internet does not work in there...

I will start with our room:
It was beautiful.. we opted to get a balcony room. Wanted a suite, which came with a private butler... but that was a bit more pricey!

The bathroom was just as beautiful as the room and we never felt too cramped - even in the shower.

There was ample storage space with a closet, a safe, this chest of drawers and even cabinets above our bed. We stored our suit cases under the bed. There was a flat screen TV that could be pulled out and turned in either direction.

I have come to a conclusion.. the only people who tell you to just get the cheapest room available (small inside cabin) are the ones who have never had a balcony room. We LIVED on our balcony!!!

I LOVED the fact that our bed was next to the glass balcony doors! We would go to sleep with our curtains wide open so we could wake up to sights like this:

..and this

..and Oh My Gosh...THIS!

I have so much more that I want to share..but it will have to wait. I am on my way to visit with my Father. He is doing better..but is still trying to pass a kidney stone. He had the pace maker put in and it has been that is good, but he is very very week. He needs rehab to regain his strength, but cannot go to rehab until he passes the kidney stone. Kind of a catch 22. Please stop and pray specifically that the kidney stone passes quickly!


Dianne said...

Julie I have been waiting to hear about the cruise, how Don did and how your father is doing. I was so glad you posted this. Sounds like it was a dream vacation. I am praying and hope your father passes the stone quickly...they are so very painful. Email me when you have time.

Ginger said...

I like your room. I would definitely want a balcony so I could sit outside, if I was on a cruise. I think I would get claustrophobic if I couldn't get some fresh air.
So sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is feeling better real soon.