Monday, August 30, 2010

More Updates

Wednesday - August 25Th Yeah - Dad was moved to the 17Th floor. This is the rehab floor. There is a huge dry erase board on the wall that shows the details of his planned physical therapy, the names of his nurses and therapy workers..whom he calls his personal trainers!..and a multitude of other information. Sadly, Dad is still listed as a fall risk.

Today though, I was surprised to see that Dad was not in an upbeat mood. At first I could not understand it ..until I noticed something, he was no longer on oxygen. Because of this, his O2 level was decreased and it made him feel exhausted. He did not want to walk the halls with me and resisted any effort I made to help him do any kind of exercise. I gave up on pushing him and figured that his nursing staff would know best how to handle the situation.

I am in a set schedule now. The physical therapy floor does not want their patients to have any visitors until after 3pm because they do 'workouts' 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I go to work and then go straight to the hospital. James goes from 3 until I get there. I stay until Dad gets into bed .. around 9 or so. James said I do too much for Dad ...and that I need to make him do things for himself.. He is probably right.. I guess it is the Mommy in me that wants to take care of Dad.

Just a note... people in Houston drive CRAZY fast at night on the freeways!

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