Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Journey Continues..

August 26 - Thursday - Today Dad was evaluated by the physical therapy staff. He told me about his trainer, a man named Josh. He sounded enthusiastic about it all. I have to be honest.. I was hoping that they would have started his therapy today instead of just evaluating him. He seemed to breathe better though - something I confirmed when the nurse came in to take his vital signs and confirmed that his O2 was 95.. a slow improvement. (normal is 98-100)

He is eating better and we discussed what was going to happen after his release... ha ha - kind of sounds like prison doesn't it! I guess in some ways .. it is. Anyway, when he does get to go home, I am going to take my last day-at-a-time vacation week and live with him. According to the information on his board, it does not seem likely that this will occur for at least a week.

August 27 - Friday Dad was in great spirits today! I believe that his O2 level must be rising, but did not get a confirmation today since the nurse did not do his vitals when I was there. He was thrilled with his physical and occupational therapy sessions, telling me all about them - one being in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The most interesting part for me was learning how they are incorporating a Wii like system, where he had to "mock snow ski" via video and body sensors. This was great fun for Dad since we used to snow ski together (many moons ago!) Mimicking the motions of leaning to the right and left.. with a goal of getting around and through video 'gates' this exercise helped him coordinate his balance... exactly what he has had an issue with. Sadly - his board still says "Fall Risk" and "Cannot" in the column for walks without assistance. He is making great strides though and I love it that James has drilled into his head that he will WALK back into the Warwick.. (the high rise where he lives).

August 28 - Saturday - I never eat at fast food restaurants and it seems to me that it is a sin that in one of the largest Heart hospitals, there is also a McDonalds! Sooo - with my hectic schedule - guess who has been eating at McDonalds nightly??? I almost always grab some chicken McNuggets and a drink before I head up to his room. When I get there, he is usually finishing his dinner so we sort of eat together.

Dad has me addicted to his favorite TV shows. I now am a huge fan of Antique Road Show, Pickers and Pawn Stars (I think that is what it is called!) we also watch America's Funniest Videos too! I have said it before...and I will say it again.. God gives a special sweetness in difficult situations for His children.. something I doubt I could have experienced any other time.

I could tell Dad was feeling better. He had really good color in his cheeks, something I have not seen in quite a long time! This was confirmed. His O2 level is now an almost perfect 97!


Ginger said...

That's great that he is doing so well. What a sweet daughter you are to him!!

Dianne said...

I am so glad he is on the mend. You are being the perfect daughter. Do not wear yourself thin...so many need you. Wish i was closer to help. How is Don?

Helen said...

I have been away for the past week and have so enjoyed catching up. First, it's wonderful your father is improving ... keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. Second, your cruise photos are incredible. Both you and Don are beautiful people! Loved the dress, your hair and the wonderful wedding ring! Stay strong.