Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helping Out With A Project!

I could have entitled this post "Paybacks are Hell!" ha ha ..

Okay - so when the girls were young, we did all kinds of home improvement projects. Just to list a few we did in our old house: Tore down walls, Made an entry way through another wall, tiled floors, replaced toilets, made custom tiled vanity's with drop in sinks..covered walls with fabric and built tons of wood shelves, canopy's, cornice boards ... and so much more.. .. and many times - the girls were right there with me helping out. Well - now that they have their own homes, I am being called for paybacks! ha ha .. The above picture is of Joy's dining room. We just got done laying down tile and grouting it. She is very excited with the results. Me too.

That painting to the right is of my Mother. My Father is a retired Neurosurgeon. One of his patients was told to go home and die from her brain tumor. My Father removed it and not only saved her life, but also restored her career as an artist! She lovingly painted both of my parents portraits in life size! Dad recently gave them to Joy since she had the perfect place to hang them. I wish she had snapped a shot of his. Mom's is beautiful...but Dad's is like a photograph.


Dianne said...

I am beginning to think you are super human! Is there anything you cannot do? As an artist I love the portrait and the story. Your dad must be amazing like you!

Lana said...

what a sweet story about the paintings. You're dad is a hero!