Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Ideas...

I have friends giving me old show ribbons that we can use as decorations..

we are going to go a bit towards western instead of English for this party. There are just more cute ideas with the western theme. I do have a saddle stand and will take the child's sized Western saddle with us... Also am going to try and make a covered wagon with the wagon we have ...just for fun and because there will be some really little kids there.

Getting a marshmallow gun for a shooting contest.(my gut tells me I will have to give the gun to Daren after the party...snicker snicker).
.. maybe a drop the rubber snake into the cowboy boot contest ....and possibly a sugar cube for the horse relay race for the older kids (like egg and spoon)...and obviously - pin the tail on the horse.

No real horses - which is why Emily wants it at the park instead of at the farm..

Decorating ideas:
(Clean) rope handled muck bucket for drinks with sign above that says "Watering Hole"
Table for food with Sign that says "Chuck Wagon"

For the kiddos:
Found cowboy hats at the dollar store for (u guessed it).. a dollar each!
Gonna use bandannas for napkins - for the kids anyway.. gift boxes with horses on them and horsey related stuff inside..
Found a large horse/rider life size poster with face cut kids can take funny pictures with it. Would love to find a huge box to make a jail.. also would be a cute photo op..

Food..or should I call it Grub??
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs - Chips - Cake and drinks.. will locate SOMEONE ELSE to make the cake...


The Snyder Family said...

Totally cute mom! When daren saw the picture of the marshmellow gun he asked before I even read what you wrote, "Did she get me one of those?" lol. You know him too well. I can't wait this party is going to be a blast.
Thank you again for doing most of the work wish I was going to be there to help.
Have you ever thought about doing party planning as a side job?

AshleyUNOB said...


AshleyUNOB said...

Sorry about that! I would like to hear from you if you're interested in writing about birthdays for my website, one stop birthday ideas? We can afford to pay you a little! Hope to hear from you soon.

Kat said...

Lots of cute ideas!


Anonymous said...