Monday, April 5, 2010

Signs of Spring... the farm.

This is the cabana. The iris's are getting ready to bloom.

I planted some deep purple verbena in pots.

The mighty oak tress are starting to unfurl their new leaves.

This is a beautiful apple tree bloom. This is the first time we are trying to grow apples. We have pear, quince, peach, plumb, orange, mulberry and blueberry trees.

In the revamped veggie garden, we are growing tomatoes, green beans, corn, bell peppers, broccoli, onions, banana peppers, yellow squash and carrots.

This is one of the small blueberry bushes. I hope it grows up quick! ..and I just planted one of our window boxes.I just love Spring!


Gayla said...

Well, if that doesn't just shout spring, I don't know what does. I hope you have lots of fun moments outside in your Cabana... Hugs, Gayla

vivian said...

yay for spring! i cant wait to see flowers here! Love your cabana!
happy day!

Louise said...

Don't you just love seeing each new sign of Spring. It is raining here today, that soft and gentle rain that often comes this time of year. It will help things grow, even if I will have to reapply "Deer Off" if I want to have anything left above ground.

Helen said...

I could live in your cabana ~ forever!

Patrina said...

lovely! Enjoy!! Don't you just love being outdoors?

Patrina <")>><