Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Remember When I Said There Are 2 Things ...

that I always long for this time of the year ..well as you remember the first was a greenhouse..but the other is chickens!

This is the season for adorable baby chicks.

..that grow up into some of the most interesting characters..

..but without a sufficient hen house, any chickens we would have would be taken by a rather large hawk population we have in our area.

Okay - so I had to laugh when I saw this picture. I LOVE details, but don't think that any hen house we may own in the future will include a fancy light fixture like this one!

..but Oh - the bounty!


vivian said...

i love looking at all the fancy hens, chicks and roosters at the county 4H fair. I love the ones with the fancy "hairdos!"
have a great day Julie

bj said...

G'morning, sorry i've not been by in awhile. We've been so busy around here and I've fallen behind in visiting.
Fist off, how is your handsome hunk doing? I hope he is feeling lots better. Tell him hi for me and that anytime he wants to be a PINK SATURDAY HUNK again, all he has to do is send me a photo of himself....WEARING PINK!! lol

My daughter wants some chickens so so bad. She, too, has to have a hen house first. Hoping she can get one soon. Now, if she sees this photo, she is gonna want a chandy for her chicken house, too! haha..cute!!

BomshellShocked said...


jane augenstein said...

We have lived here on our farm for 13 years and I have always wanted chickens. But so far no chickens, we got cows first, then came the horse and now a donkey. years ago on another farm we had chickens and ducks, wonderful eggs to cook with; I miss them.
Fancy light in the chicken house, NOT! It sure won't stay clean for long! LOL

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Helen said...

Hello Julie!
Stopping by to wish you a happy Sunday and a great week.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh, I want some baby chicks. And a miniature donkey too. Strange dreams for someone in the middle of the suburbs!

Terri said...

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