Wednesday, February 24, 2010

* * *Snow * * *

Soo - it snowed at the farm yesterday.. but it was dark by the time I got home. First I had to let KC out so he could go to the bathroom.

He was LESS than happy...probably saying to himself, "Why are my feet so wet and cold?"

"You expect me to go where to do my business?? Yeah - right."

"Oh crap - she IS serious!"

"It is a long way down there!"

"..and that cold white stuff is all over my grass."

"Burr - forget peeing on Mommy's car tires today!"

"Whoa - going up is harder than it was coming down!"

"Can I puleeese go back inside now?"


The Snyder Family said...

Madison says hello to Kasey. Too cool, so jealous right now!
Be careful driving to work.
Love you bunches!

ayumills said...

sooo cute!!

phaedra96 said...

We have a Corgi/Blue Heeler who thinks snow is the next best thing to someone throwing his kong toy/frisbee/or ball! He burrows in it, rolls in it and blasts through drifts, snow flying everywhere. What fun!! Poor KC looks like the world betrayed him. Which I guess, it did!!

Gayla said...

So cute... don't you know how that must feel to a sweet doggie?

Ginger said...

Cute pictures!! We had more snow yesterday too. All afternoon. Our dog really loves it. Me, not so much...I am longing for summer.

Nina Diane said...

oh I just love your sweet doggie! My SIL in San Antonio said they got a little sleet and snow the other day

Indrani said...

Loved the photo story. :) Great series of shots.

Johnny Nutcase said...

KC is incredibly cute!! love the pictures :)