Monday, February 1, 2010

The SIRE Tour!

Here are the pictures from our tour. Tomorrow I will post the story I wrote for the magazine.

Here is one of the many horses we met. Doesn't he have gentle eyes?

Before a rider can ride, he may need to stretch leg muscles that are dystrophied or atrophied. This vaulting barrel is used for that.

Meet Steady Eddie! He teaches the riders how to mount for the first time, as well as tacking and even basic grooming skills.

..and this is Peggy the Pony who teaches reining as well as posting!

The horses are hand walked prior to being ridden.

They are then walked up to these special mounting ramps.

With the aid of 3 assistants, the rider can take their time getting on.

One volunteer is a header.

One is a side walker.

..and the third is the instructor.

Here are some group lesson pictures..

Some riders need a header and a side walker.

More experienced riders only need a header.

More experienced riders get to trail ride!

Marshall gives the 2 thumbs up standing next to his Mom!


jennybean79 said...

That's wonderful. All of those riders looked thrilled to be there. It looks like a great facility.

Hosanna said...

How neat. I used to work at a Therapeutic Riding Center; so I did all those jobs. I also was "back rider" for riders who couldn't sit up by themselves.
This looks like a great program!!