Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet Fancy

This in one of our 2 inside cats. Her name is Fancy and we adopted her from the pound right before we moved to the farm.

She spends most of her time with a younger calico cat named Edward Scissor Hands in our back room.

When I adopted Fancy from the pound - the guy who worked there thought I was crazy. He put on these long leather gloves, like the ones you would wear to pick up a burning log from a fire! He stuck his hands into her cage and turned his head away. She hissed at him as he told me that she was a really old cat.I am HIGHLY allergic to cats, especially if they scratch or bite me. I blow up like a balloon and get hives. I knew that I was suppose to adopt this cat though and contrary to my own normal actions, without protection, I took Fancy from the man's hands and cradled her into my arms. That was 8 years ago.


Kat said...

She's a beauty!


pedalpower said...

She's beautiful!

RiverBend Farm said...

What a sweet story. I find it amazing how God directs us an animal or sends them directly to us.

vivian said...

she is soo pretty! did you pop over to see my new kittens?? you have to read the last two posts.. they are soooooo freaken cute!
have a great day!

Hosanna said...

Oh, how sweet. I adore cats - we have 4. Three of which were strays I picked up and gave a home. Spoiled, every single one.

Kaede said...

My family currently has 5 cats, soon to be 6. 3 of the cats were long planned for show cats. The other three were rescues. I pulled one kitten (maybe 4 weeks old) out of a dogs mouth, one was a Russian Blue that didn't make it in the show ring (my daughter bargained with the cats breeder for her) and one is my mom's cat. My mom is 91 and has metastatic colon cancer, so we agreed to take her cat when she dies.

Cynthia said...

Fancy is beautiful. Hope your sweetie is doing better. Have a great day!