Friday, January 22, 2010

Auction Find!

I LOVE to go to antique auctions! In fact - as you may already know, if you scroll down to the next post, these sterling silver cream and sugar bowls are my January Give Away on the Riding Aside blog and were purchased at such an auction!

I see stunning pieces of furniture - amazingly crafted and lovingly kept in pristine condition... Oh how I want to buy them! But - my small home will not accommodate any more furniture, so I stick with small pieces like this..

..and this..

...and this.

Well every so often, I also like to buy something for my husband. After all, he is so good about not complaining when I bring in more "old stuff" as he calls it! Well, last week I found some old coin collector books - you know the kind that has the small circle where you press the coin into it. He likes stuff like that and this set was all pennies, so I knew it would go cheap. The reason I found it interesting was because there were 4 steel pennies like this one. I believe that they were only minted in 1943.

He was really excited when I gave the books to him....but he was even more excited when upon closer inspection, one of the books had a page of these!Indian head pennies going all the way back to 1889!


Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

Gorgeous finds! I'll go now to enter your giveaway. I sure would love to win!


Martha said...

We love going to auctions, too, although we've gotten impatient lately and prefer Estate Sales -- in and out -- but the bargains are not there! We also have a corgi! My first time here -- great site!

Julie said...

The things you bought for you are beautiful!! Real treasures I'm sure. I love coins so I liked what you got for your husband. One of my sons has a collection of coins from our travels in Europe. He's 14 now, and with Europe going Euro (his coins are pre-Euro), he's amassing quite a collection :-)

Kris said...

Fabulous finds! I love to go to these shops, sales, yard sales in the summer. Amazing fun!

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