Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just A Note About My Hysterectomy..

I thought I would share with you the pro's and con's of my hysterectomy..since it has been a bit over 3 months post-surgery.

1. The period.

2. No cramps

3. No mood least once I went on the Estrogen patch!

4. No swelling days..that includes hands, feet and boobs!

5. No huge weight swings..if my weight goes up, it is because I am gaining and if it goes down..I am losing! End of story!!!

6. I know what the general belief is...that we get fat after such a surgery..but I swear I am eating more and NOT gaining weight!

7. No more pain during intercourse (from the tumors)

8. I no longer look pregnant!


I would like to say that there are none..but I want to be totally honest.

1. I have a new scar. Yes it is really low...but a scar is a scar...and I can't stand for it to be touched.

2. I am dependant on a hormone patch for ?? (length of time)

3. I do feel a pulling sensation when I am doing physically challenging lifting something 50# feed bags.

If anyone has any questions..I am more than happy to try and answer them. I know that I was quite nervous about it prior to my surgery.


Susan said...

I had to come by to visit. I've been bad...hanging out on facebook and not blogging. I love the photo of your vegetable garden with the horses behind the fence. It makes me want to go there. I'm glad Don and you are doing so well!
Hugs, Susan

bj said...

Hi, Julie..glad you are doing so great..
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

Brenda Eason said...

Im glad yours went to great...Im still burning so bad in my scar.I have had to get on atibiotics.My bladder still hurts and I told the doctor I cry and had rather slap people than look at them.I think something went wrong.I do have to say mine was long ways and I have alot of trouble,but OMgosh the hardest thing I ever did.

Anonymous said...


Ginger said...

It's been 3 mos. already? time goes by so fast.
Maybe the scar will heal a little more and won't bug you when you touch it.
I hope you continue to heal and feel even better.

prashant said...

I love the photo of your vegetable garden with the horses behind the fence.

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