Monday, November 2, 2009

Do You Picnik?

I want to share a great photography tool with you. It is called Picnik and the web address is It has many free features and then if you are really into photography - like I am, you can upgrade it for more features for $25.00 per year. Here is an example:

This is my friend Vicki. I took this picture of her on Halloween.

To make it more spooky - I tweaked it. First, I changed it to a black and white format. Then I softened the whole picture and hazed the edges. Next I photo shopped her make them scary..and last but certainly not least...look closely because I added in 2 ghosts!


Brenda Eason said...

Oh wow that is amazing. Love the photo.My daughter told me about this.I guess I better check it out!

The Snyder Family said...

WICKED!!! Thanks for giving me some ideas. Love you

Susan said...

I just read your last few posts! You showed us the coolest stuff! Love that spider cake! Too Cute!
Hugs, Susan