Monday, September 14, 2009

Joy's First Track Day

It looked like a storm was brewing..but the only thing that happened was the clouds kept it a lot cooler than it would have been without them!

This is the prep area. A place for the riders to rest, gear up, talk and just have fun.

Here we all are.
Gearing up.

Going to the track.

Start line with all of the groups together.

Joy's riding group

Just in case!

The green top was worn so when she was riding without her group, her instructor could still easily see her.

Joy's instructor was telling her to SLOW DOWN!

Getting her Dad's approval.

Patches on Joy's riding suit.

Her Grandad wants her to put on on her back that says, "My Grandad Objects!"



Not Joy!I have a lot of pictures of this guy.....can you guess why??


common ground said...

Wow, what a girl! Does your heart just sit in your throat? She looks like she knows exactly what she's doing!

Anonymous said...

omg ..that is so cool.. I can't wait so I can show Wes ..she looks so good out there!!