Monday, August 17, 2009

A Slight Set Back...

...and an Adirondack chair.This nice chair got me into a world of trouble. You see - I bought 4 of them at the bargain price of $29.99 each(I think). The price was good even though they come unfinished AND unassembled. I thought I would just hang onto them and build them during my recovery period...and I built this one last week... What a BAD idea!!!

First - in order to build it, I had to sit on the floor. OMG - I was alone and I thought I would never get back up! Secondly, the cordless drill probably weighs over 5 pounds...which I never realized until I tried using it after this surgery. I could feel my abdomen tighten up every time I lifted the dag blasted thing..and then lastly...the 3rd and final thing I had not thought about. As I assembled parts of the chair..well, they had to be connected to other parts and both parts weighed over 5 pounds....stupid stupid me...

Well lets just say that this chair cost plenty more than $29.99. I had to go back on my pain meds for 2 days after it was built!


vivian said...

before I read your post and only saw the caption and the chair, I thought you probably sat in it, and then couldnt get out of it!
Now take care of yourself!!!

Kaede said...

I am glad that it is nothing more serious. I was worried that you had to go back into the hospital for an infection or some dread occurrence.
Take care of yourself, you are too precious a writer to lose.

common ground said...

It's amazing the things we take for granted. Surgery has a way of making every muscle and nerve scream if they are overworked...BUT, I do love your new chairs! If it's any comfort, we all have overdone it when we go through these things.
take care of yourself,

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...


The chair is beautiful, but I'm sure you know now, you will feel pretty good before you are completely healed. There will be gentle and yes, less than gentle reminders for the next few months, that you have had major abdominal surgery.
Sorry to hear of the setback. Please, no more lifting or chair building for awhile!

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

What am I going to do with you!!!
Take it easy girlfriend!
I love the chair, but the others can wait until you are much better.
Love ya

Ginger said...

6 weeks, Julie!!!! You are supposed to be taking it easy. Bad girl.
Now I scolded you like I am your mom. (or your doctor). lol.
Love the chairs though.

Susan said...

You are supposed to be taking it easy not building chairs! Do some knitting or needlepoint. You have to take care of yourself!! Now be good!
Hugs, Susan
PS. Love the chair but the others can wait!