Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Doctors Appointment

Yesterday morning I drove into Houston to meet my Dad. He lives in a high rise where the new rail system travels directly from his home to the towers where my doctors office is located.

We arrived 15 minutes early. As we sat in the waiting room I told him he could come in with me if he wanted to.
"Oh I planned on it!" was his response.

I don't know if it is because I came from a medical family or because I lost all modisty when 2 male doctors I had never seen before ended up delivering my daughters...but I was fine with him overseeing it all.

He was curtious, going behind a curtain when I changed into my gown and standing by my head as my doctor checked my internal incision...but he was right there with her when inspecting my external incision, swelling and general abdominal condition.

It makes me laugh...but all in all, I am so glad to have my angel of a Father watching out for me.

Dad "She says she has a tightening in between her appendectomy and hysterectomy incisions."

Doc "Yes - that is normal, but should go away by the time I see her again."

Dad ".and what about the pain she has along the edges of her incision?"

Doc pushes on my lower abdomen as I cringe "That is from the suture knots which will dissolve."

Dad starts to talk again...when I interrupt..."HEY - it is my turn to ask questions! When can I have sex again?!"

Laughter broke out in the room.

More talk about my hot flashes and the decision was made to put me on a low dose synthetic estrogen. Synthetic is NOT made from mares urine. I do not oppose the use of the urine...but the way the poor mares are treated who are the urine I was incistent upon this.

I pick up my medicine this morning fact I will leave to get it right after I finish this post.

OH yeah - the fever was nothing more than what I fighting off a cold or virus. I did pop 2 stiches..but no real harm seems to have been done. I still want to know when I can wear this:


Susan said...

Wear what? A bikini? I'm SO glad you're doing so well!
Hugs, Susan

Em said...

Yeah mom you left out the photo.
Enjoy talking to you everyday. It's going to suck when you have to go back to work.
Love yu!

Hosanna said...


Helen said...

If you are feeling good enough to even think about that adorable bikini .... you are well on the road to recovery! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with your comic relief... sorry but hurry up and come back to work!!!
Glad you are on the mend and everything was ok at the doc.appt.
Love ya

Ginger said...

I guess your dad has seen it all, being a doctor. Good that he was there to support you. That's funny that you popped with your own question!!
Glad you are healing so well.

vivian said...

YOu are so dame cute Julie! YOu are also very blessed to have such a great dad and a great relationship with his as well!
I know you know that though!
well, girlfriend.. I do hope youre feeling better and better everyday.. sounds like you are.
so.. are you really going to wear that bikini??
I dont thing my thumb would fit in it!

bj said...

Haaahaha...a bikini...what a hoot.
Glad things are moving right along and to know that you are even THINKING about sex is a GOOOOD sign..
I'm wondering how Don is feeling...

Kaede said...

I couldn't imagine my father being in the same BUILDING with me if I needed to go see a OB GYN.

RiverBend Farm said...

You go, girl!