Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Update on Don

Good News!!

We had a doctors appointment yesterday and we got some good news. First the results of his MRI showed that his liver is still cancer free! Yeah.. Next, his weekly blood tests are showing that he is holding up well enough to again increase his chemotherapy back to the full dose. His viral load count has gone from 400,000 before treatment, to 26,000 after 12 weeks of treatment (it should have been 0 at this point), and now it is 8430. We have to get it to ZERO and even after that, he must stay on the chemotherapy an additional 9 months. Once that 9 month term is over, he will have to continue to have blood tests for the next year to make sure the Hepatitis C does not return. If the viral load count starts to go up again, he will be taken off of the treatment he is on and they will try a different cocktail of drugs.

Next appointment is scheduled for August 4th. I am not sure if I will be able to go with him to that one though since my surgery is scheduled for July 27th.


Susan said...

Great news about Don. You guys are in my prayers always.
Hugs, Susan

Helen said...

Hello there! This is indeed good news AND I love hearing good news from your home front!

Nina Diane said...

great news Julie!!

Ginger said...

That is good news, Julie. I hope everything continues to go well. That is a long time to be on chemo.

Deb said...

Hi Julie
I am doing alot of catch up reading here on your blog. Good news about Don!
I am so sorry however to read about sweet Chrissy! You are in my thoughts & prayers.

Bee said...

Yay!!!! That really is good news.

vivian said...

I'm so glad to hear good news for you guys for a change! I talked to my girlfriend this week who also has hep c. she has been symptom free for 2 years now. she told me lots of technical stuff.. but thats what I got out of it! symptom free for 2 years!
My hubby has to have surgery again this summer too. he has a hernia from when he had the colostomy undone last summer! at least they can fix it!
have a great 4th of july weekend!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thank God for the good news. Will keep praying for 0 viral count.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie!

YAY!!!!!! I was sooo relieved to see some good news about Don!! That rocks! You are always in my prayers!


Kat said...

Yippee!! Great news!

Happy 4th!