Thursday, June 4, 2009

100 Things About Me...

A friend of mine did this and I enjoyed reading it so much, I wanted to do it too!

1. I am a Christian.

2. I have been married for 18 1/2 years but we separated 4 times ...once for almost a year!

3. I was adopted at birth and try to remember to Thank God every day for my natural Mother not aborting me and for my real parents for raising me in every aspect as if I was of their own flesh.

4. I love sushi... raw sushi!

5. I have high cholesterol even though I have never been overweight and have a good diet. Yeah Lipator..

6. My answer to most things is humor. Some people do not appreciate this and I try to be mindful of this.

7. I like all horses but a talented American Saddlebreds just take my breath away!

8. The foal I bred that I spent the most money the least talented!

9. I really want to build a normal house on our farm one day..but realize that it may not happen...but will probably never stop dreaming about it.

10. I spend too much money.

11. I am a morning person. If I do not get up and get going - not much is going to get done.

12. I love Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs and currently have 5 of them!

13. I am learning how to ride Sidesaddle and started a blog about it.

14. I will spend $1000.00 on a riding suit, but buy most of my normal clothes from from resale shops.

15. I color (lighten) my hair. The older I get - the darker brown my hair gets and I do not know why. I still do not have any gray - even though I am 47 and have enough stress to be bald! ha ha..

16. I am allergic to cats. If they scratch me, I swell up like a balloon. If I pet one and then touch my face, my lips swell up and I get hives on my face and neck...and yet we have 2 indoor cats and 4 barn cats!

17. I have 2 jobs. Full time for an airline and part time for a horse magazine.

18. I am really critical of my own weight, but realize that I do not hold the same feelings/values about my friends weight. Does that make sense?

19. My first car was a used Pontiac Firebird. I drove it home from work one very cold day and went through a big puddle of water. The car died. Later I found out that the cold water caused the engine block to crack.

20. My parents made me buy my own car while all of my friends parents were buying them cars. My parents could have easily afforded to buy me a car... Now I really appreciate what they did for me!

21. I miss my Mom every single day of my life and get jealous of women who still have their Mothers on this earth with them.

22. My favorite dessert is cheese cake...but a close second if chocolate chip cookies with pecans...especially Vicki's!

23. My Mother made the best lasagna in the world!

24. One year, many years ago, the mortgage company announced that our escrow account was in arrears and our house payment was going to DOUBLE for a whole year. To make up the extra money - I baked yeast bread and sold it at craft shows and to my friends. I did not even have a mixer to kneed the bread. I did it all by hand!

25. I used to be a Surgical Technologist. (like a scrub nurse, but I could only work in the OR..not on the floor. Nurses had the choice to do either job.)

26. I became a Surgical Tech by taking only the courses pertaining to the job and then passing the national board exam. I did not get a degree.

27. I never realized what an important person my Father was until a doctor I was scrubbing with stopped operating when he found out and said, "That is Your Father? He is the Who's Who of Neurosurgeons!" and then continued to talk about him through out the entire surgery. My Dad is very humble.

28. I am a girly girl. Love wearing dresses, makeup and always looking nice...not that I always do though!

29. I have had a hard time with depression this last year, but still have not resorted to drugs. Not against it, just would prefer not to use them.

30. I gave up drinking wine when my husband was diagnosed, since he can no longer drink...but I miss it.

31. My Grandfather took me to the Pin Oak Charity Horse show when I was about 8 and it was there that I fell in love with American Saddlebreds.

32. I hate hate hate looking older and would love to have something done to my neck to tighten up that skin.

33. I cherish all of my friends very very much and hurt when I think of the few that have fallen out of my life...mostly from moving or changing jobs.

34. I love to plan and create things ...but have a harder time maintaining them...good example is creating a new garden verses weeding it and redoing it the next year! I do it..but don['t find it as fun.

35. I drive too fast...but admitting to it does not help.

36. I ride my own motorcycle. DH probably would rather have me on the back of his...but my motto is "if I am gonna get killed on one, it will be because of my own mistake and not anyone elses."

37. If you have not figured it out yet - I am fiercely independent..just like my Mother was.

38. I love to sew things for the house, but rarely sew clothing.

39. I can't wear solar nails ..or any other kinds. I have something in my body chemistry that keeps them from staying attached to my nails. I love the way they look and wish I could though.

40. My belly button is pierced. I think that was my midlife crisis!

41. I miss my old house..but hated the neighborhood.

42. I love Canary birds. Had one that died a couple of years ago and want to get another.

43. I don't talk or do enough things with my Father.

44. I get mad at my husband when he procrastinates and I have to ask him over and over to do something.

45. I hate the sound of someone chewing on ice.

46. It drives me nuts when I am trying to concentrate and someone is either singing or whistling.

47. Love to read, but hardly have the time.

48. Love to visit small historical towns and browse through antique shops.

49. My family used to travel by train to see my Grandparents. I still remember how scary it was to go from car to car on the train...but would love to do it again as an adult.

50. I dress up when I fly on a plane.

51. My favorite perfume is Laura Ashley ..but they do not make it anymore. :0(

52. I feel better (in a better mood) when my house is clean...but am a normally happy person anyway.

53. I would rather clean stalls/barn than the house.

54. I love surprises!

55. I have 2 brothers, both older who are natural children of my parents.

56. I had plastic surgery in first grade. I had a half moon shaped scar on my cheek from a bazaar accident where the end of a pipe hit me in my face. You cannot see the scar anymore.

57. When I had the surgery in first grade, the doctor pierced my ears as a surprise.

58. My first husband cheated on me so many times, I found out about another affair AFTER I was remarried!

59. I sleep on my stomach...even when I was 9 months pregnant!

60. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving...but it has to do with the fact that it is my anniversary and it ushers in Christmas. I also love the fact that my Mother taught me how to make all of her recipes before she died.

61. I prefer baths to showers.

62. I know that my guardian angel spoke to me, warning me about something I did not see and saved my life...and most likely the lives of my daughters as well.

63. Some of my favorite sounds are owls, Canary trilling (better than classical music!), my horses when they talk to me, my husbands whisper.

64. The first time I really heard a Canary sing, I was in a shop thinking I was listening to a audio enhanced tape of background music. When I realized it was coming from one bird, I knew I wanted one.

65. I hate liars

66. A motto I used when raising my daughters was "Own Up to anything you do - especially if you need to apologise!"

67. I taught my daughters that :
a. There are worse things than not being married.
b. One of them is to marry the wrong man.
c. another would be to meet Mr. Right when you are married to Mr. Wrong CHOOSE carefully!

68. When I was a little girl my favorite stuffed animal was a blue 5' long snake I named Snavley.

69. I have a God given talent to write, but do a better job when I am writing about something that has touched me emotionally.

70. Both my parents were only holidays were also family reunions!

71. I wish ladies hats would seriously come back into style.

72. Half the fun for me learning how to ride sidesaddle is the costume!

73. I can't stand to have pedicures since I am so ticklish on my feet.

74. I am ticklish on my feet because my brother used to hold me down and tickle me until I wet my pants.

75. I used to have a big jewelry fetish. Since my Mom passed away though and I inherited hers, I lost the desire to buy anything new - at least anything expensive.

76. I get too emotionally attached to things that have been passed down to me and I wonder if it does not have something to do with the fact that I am adopted.

77. I love to write hand written letters.

78. I LOVE home interior, party plans, outfits, etc.

79. I hate to weed more than just about anything.

80. I enjoy sheering my sheep, but hate catching them to get them sheered.

81. The biggest compliments I ever received was from one of my Fathers friends, an English professor who had just read one of my story-poems and said that not only was it one of the best poems he had ever read, but he was not surprised that I did not have a degree in English since it was so original. I would have thought someone so highly educated would have said the opposite.

82. Even at my age, I love it when my Dad brags on me. :0)

83. I wear too much black clothing.

84. I have so many back molars with gold caps on them, my dentist told me my grave was not going to be safe!

85. My teeth were so buck when I was a child I had trouble closing my mouth over them.

86. I wore braces off and on for 8 years.

87. I used to pray one prayer every single night. "Dear God, Please bring me a horse of my very own and make me a little bit prettier every day...but if you can only do one of those things, I want a horse!"

88. I am not scared to die. I am not a fan of pain though!

89. I can sense evil in people sometimes and no matter what anyone tells me - I will believe my own feelings first.

90. I love to go places with my dog - especially the hardware store. She likes to ride on the low cart like a hood ornament.

91. I wish we had a green house.

92. I want to have chickens, but will not get them unless we have a coop and enclosed yard for them. Too many predators!

93. I collect Pembroke Welsh Corgi porcelain figurines.

94. My Grandmother, Mother and now I collect Royal Copenhagen figurines and hand painted dinner plates.

95. I know how to love someone for all of my life and not just a husband, but dear friends, other family etc.

96. I am compassionate but stern.

97. I don't read my Bible enough.

98. Although I am a Christian, I am cautious about others who call themselves some of the least Christian people I have ever met were anxious to be identified as such! ha ha..

99. I love to travel - but am always glad to get home.

100. I miss my Mom every single day of my life... opps I think I already said this - but it deserves 2 postings anyway!


Deb said...

What a great list Julie! Looking forward to reading the rest :-)

Nina Diane said...

awesome list Julie!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Julie, I loved reading this and learning new things about you :) We have a lot in common! This was fun, I may have to do this sometime too :)

I hope things are going well :)

pedalpower said...

That's a great list! I'm going a little bonkers noticing the age things lately too....that neck skin...I'd like to have something done about it. And I used to swear that I'm not that vain and would never have plastic surgery if it wasn't necessary. never say never. I'm going to be 47...are you about the same?

pedalpower said...

By the way, you look great in all your pics! I think you must be younger than me.

Jen Kershner said...

Julie- I really enjoyed your list. By the way, I really wish ladies hats would come back in fashion too!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Now, I feel like I really know you. Glad you mentioned Mom twice. My mother just turned 91 and I know exactly how I'd feel if she wasn't still with me. AWFUL!

I really should start doing a list. Here's number one.
Artichokes are my favorite vegetable!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Julie, I loved reading your list! You are such a talented, wonderful woman of God. :)

xo Lidy

Ginger said...

Julie, I love the list of 100 things about you. You really gave it some thought. I laughed at #14.

Gypsy aka Tam said...

this was an awesome post. I love learning more about my blogging friends.
I would mention my Mom twice too. Mine has been gone 8 years and not a day goes by without me thinking of her.
Have a great weekend,

Susan said...

Great to find out new things about you. I love to munch on ice so I'd have to refrain around you. I think we have alot in common other than that.
Hugs, Susan

Kat said...

Great list Julie.

I hope you do a post one day about #62.

Have a great weekend.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I truly enjoyed reading your 100 Things, Julie. You're a very interesting person.

Neabear said...

I did the same thing at the link above one day. It was a challenge to do that. Enjoyed yours too! Have a great weekend!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Very interesting list...I don't know if I could come up with 100 things...I'm so impressed that you created such a great list with so many neat things! So much fun learning more about you. I came across a blog today that I know you are going to love, if you haven't already found it. :-)

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