Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh Hold!

My Camera is tied up at the moment with about 500 photos taken at the last horse show I covered. I cannot erase them, until I get them downloaded onto that show blog (for safety) and cannot use my camera until I get all of them off of my memory card....God forbid I have to buy a new one!

Anyway, here is my favorite photo taken from that show!

Other News:
Don is doing fine. Our appointment with the Liver Transplant Specialist is not until the 19th of May, so we have another 2 weeks to wait. He is experiencing injection sight tissue damage on his we have to get more creative about where he gets those shots. It looks like 2 big, very swollen bee stings. Each is about 2 inches across in size. Yesterday he felt really good and got onto his riding lawn mower...until he was exhausted. The yard looks REALLY pretty though!

For everyone who asks about Don... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! It makes me feel so good when people ask about him!

Coming soon:
Photos of my little lamb that Vivian made for is ADORABLE!!!


Susan said...

I love the look of the elegant!
I'm glad Don's doing OK. Is he going to have a liver transplant? I just want him to get well and you two to be happy.
Hugs, Susan

Bee said...

Do the shots have to be abdominal, or just in fatty tissue. If you pinch up a little, the thigh and the backs of the arms might be a possibility.

Can't wait to see the lamb!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Julie

I'm back and happy to be blogging again. I love the photo today. You captured a great shot! I loved seeing the photos of's a place George and I both want to visit. I sure hope you go so you can preview it for us. LOL I'm still praying for Don.


Ginger said...

Hi Julie:
What a neat picture of the horse and rider.
Glad Don is feeling better, except for those painful shots. I know you both must be so anxious for the upcoming doctor visit.