Monday, May 4, 2009

..More Santorini Pictures I Found on the Internet..

Here is a map of the island.

As you can see the cities are built into the side of the cliffs.

One beech is all black volcanic sand!

This is the largest church on the island.

Here is a picture of the beautiful architecture!

Unique shopping.


A herd of Taxi's???

Oh - I hope it works out so we can go here!...and Don, just so you know....if you don't hurry up and get your passport, I am going without you! ha ha...


Helen said...

ah yes ... the passport. Must have one to be sure. it takes a little while, so hurry!

Photos are dreamy!

vivian said...

what a gorgeous place. you so deserve a break like this!
hey did you recieve my package yet?let me know when you do. I mailed it last week.. but I dont remember which day.

Susan said...

What a gorgeous place. If Don doesn't go with you...I will! I know you'll have a wonderful time.
Hugs, Susan

A Beach House Dreamer said...

It's just so charming. I think it's all the white and the blue!