Monday, April 13, 2009

A Beautiful Home!

I just returned from Oklahoma City where I was covering a horse show for the magazine I write for. While I was there, I was invited to a trainers birthday party hosted by one of his customers. I thought I might be in for a treat when I learned it was being hosted at the couples home...and was I right! This is what the front of their lovely home looked like.

..and here is the front porch..

..this guy was decorating the front porch!

The whole house was dotted with their love of American Saddlebreds. This is a comissioned painting of 3 of their horses!..

..that hangs in their formal dining room.

Look at these lovely desert dishes!

This is a couple who have been married to each other and raised their 3 daughters to young adults. I guess what I am saying is that they are not a blended family and their rich loving history is reflected through out thier home. This is the back staircase covered with decades of family photos.

What a unique way to display some winning ribbons!

More family photos.

The next 3 pictures are of their formal living room.

An upstairs bedroom.

A view into their lovely back yard.

The master bedroom.

A beautiful spread of food for the party.

Built in china cabnets - there were 2 of these.

A view from the front entrance..sorry it is dark.

Stunning fresh flowers!

More equestrian accents.

How cute is he?? This is Little Bit.

I caught him napping.

Here is the bar.

This gentleman was an amazing pianist and his music enveloped the guests.

This is the huge foyer.

Another room filled with a lifetime of loving memories and family history.

..another picture of the beautiful living room and that stunning flower arrangement!

..and my favorite party guest!Oh - and I almost forgot to mention..this house belonged to her Grand Parents and is quite old. You could only tell by the character of his home. It had so many details you just don't see in todays building plans.


Gayla said...

Wow... Thanks for sharing that pretty home. I'm glad you liked it... Hugs.

Libby Murphy said...

Looks like a fun time, hospitable host, and a lovely home. Enjoyed your walk through the birthday party.
Happy Twirls

Donna Baker said...

Beautiful pics.

Helen said...

What an enchanting home, so lived in and so loved ~ so obvious! Glad you are home safe and sound.

Ginger said...

What a beautiful home. I can imagine living there. I would never want to leave.
Glad you are home safely.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous home, yet very comfortable! Thanks so much for sharing this, Julie!

vivian said...

wow! my whole house would fit into their foyer!

justabeachkat said...

Just gorgeous!


Susan said...

What a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Susan

Michelle said...

What a GORGEOUS home!! Oh and Little Bit is just too cute. Glad everything went well and you are home now!

Neabear said...

That is an amazing house. Seems only the lucky few live in places as nice as that.