Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Need to Vent! - Chapter 27

Now as I have stated in the past, we really like our doctor. His communication skills and intelligence are at the top. His staff is always polite and courteous to us when we are there and when I have to call....every week.. and that is where the problem begins.

You see, Don has a Doctors appointment every other week, usually on Tuesdays. He goes into the clinic though, every Monday to get his blood work done. Every single time Don has an appointment on Tuesday, without one exception, the doctor has the results from the previous days blood work for us to review. So why is it that on the off week, the week where we do not have an appointment, it takes FOREVER for us to get the results? Here it is Wednesday morning and when I called the nurse to see where my copy is, her response is usually the same..."I have not seen it come over the fax yet from the clinic."

This week is especially important because we need to know if his platelet count is still dropping. Add to that the fact that when he had his blood drawn on Monday, after he left the office, the tape came off of his arm holding the cotton ball onto the injection sight. He was walking back to his car and felt something wet. Blood was running down his arm and got all over the sleeve of his shirt.

I think I may need to call his doctor today...what do you think?


Helen said...

Absolutely call ... tell him what you have told us. The doctor needs to have a chat with the clinic. This is way too important. I doubt Don's doctor is even aware of the situation.

Cathy said...

Call!! There could be a thousand reasons why they don't have the results but you won't know unless you call. Waiting is so hard!

{{Big Hugs}}


Ginger said...

We are having some of those problems with doctors offices here too. You can't get any answers. But in Don's case it's so important. I think a call to the doctor is in order and just tell him what you told us.

Susan said...

Call the doctor! You need to be like a mother lion now. I know that Don's not your cub but most men will not fight the system for themselves. They suffer in silence. They only fight for their families.

So call and don't feel bad about it. Hugs, Susan

Nina Diane said...

yes, you should. And you need to give them feedback because most docs want feedback on how you are feeling about everything, not just the health issues.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, YES CALL! Maybe you already have by now. Have you heard??

Anonymous said...

I am a retired nurse. Call! Most doctors do not know what or how things are managed in the front office. As long as things run smoothly they think every thing is fine. A front office can make or brake a physician.

Anonymous said...

I hope you found something out.And I hope Don is doing well.