Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Girl is Looking to Buy her First Home..

..and we are so proud of her! These are 2 that she likes very much.

The market is so right for buyers now and I think she is ready to be a home owner.My favorite that she keeps asking me to go with her to help her decide! What a compliment!!


Ginger said...

Julie, how exciting for your daughter and you too. Both houses look similiar I think, but there is something about the second one that calls out to me. lol
That is a compliment to want your opinion on a house.
Good luck to your daughter, I hope she finds just what she is looking for.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Best of luck to your daughter! Both these homes are beautiufl!

Cote de Texas said...

wait - is this Windsong in Houston? I SWEAR that is my mother in laws house!!!! email me, ok and tell me!!! who built it??? it's the same exact house.
thanks for your sweet comment - I totally relate to looking at the pictures and imagaining yourself in them. I get lost in the photos.

Susan said...

How much fun and excitement for both of you! I like them both but the second one has a little extra ooomph! Which is nicer on the inside?
Hugs, Susan

vivian said...

thats great! and very excieting. I hope she finds the perfect home. and i love that she is asking for your opinion! that means soo much to a mother doesnt it? My kids all talk about buying houses, but I dont see it happening anytime soon!
have a great week!

Chris said...

So very exciting! Gorgeous photos :D