Friday, January 9, 2009

I Had to Buy One of These..

Yep - its a riding helmet. I have always had them and always used them with new or young horses, but my old one was - well...OLD and the lining kind of disintegrated!Did you know that riding helmets can cost as little as $25.00 and as much as $500.00+? OBVIOUSLY, the nicer looking ones - the ones that do not make you look like you are wearing a 1969 space helmet - are the ones with the huge price tags! I decided to put vanity aside though and opted for the hippo head $25.00 version!

This is what my helmet will look like on me - roughly twice the size of my head! Too bad I am not as cute as this little guy.

..this is a very old hunt cap and although it is made of metal, it rarly worked as an efficient safety device...usually coming off if the rider fell!

...and this is what my husband would like me to wear!NEXT RIDING LESSON - THIS SATURDAY 8:30AM!


Susan said...

Have fun riding!
Hugs, Susan

Ginger said...

I like the helmet your hubby wants you to wear, lol.
Hey, gotta keep that head and brain safe!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well it's all about being safe. Pretty can come when you get off the horse!

I would LOVE to take some horseback riding lessons but I need to lose a few pounds as I would hate to put my big body up on a horse and expect it to run with me.

I did ride when in Mexico in Sept but I felt so sorry for the horse. So after I lose maybe 30 pounds I'll get back on.

You are right, we do have areas of our body that only get used when one is on a horse!

Love your blog btw.


vivian said...

you crack me up! I think your hubby must love you.. he just wants you to be safe!!
well you have fun with that horse! and be careful!

justabeachkat said...

Whatever you buy just make sure it keeps you safe.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

i am a professional horse trainer.i am very concerned for either need to send your horse to a pro or get a new horse.your money and time could be better spent.if you cannot afford either than i still would consider getting rid of your horse.there is too much at risk!!!!

Julie said...

In response to Anonymous. Thank you for your kind concern.

To give you some background - This horse has been with professional trainers. My instructor is a professional as well - of upper level dressage. Please note the photos you see are only of the last portion of my lesson. The rest of it had minimal incidents. We walked, and trotted in both directions. We also cantered without incident to the left. I am not willing to trash a horse just because he is difficult. Actually - he is a lot like his dam - who was a great show mare until her early 20's.

Thank you again though for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Hunt caps are not made of metal. They were made from shellacked linen (and sometimes still are)