Friday, December 5, 2008

Can't There be 48 Hours in the Days of December?

I love the holidays - but Day Light Savings and the shorter days really cramps my style!
This is my schedule everyday M-F.

0600 - Get up & get ready for work. Since our daughter bought us a new bed - this is the hardest part of my day!

0645 - Leave for work. I have to give myself almost 2 hours just in case there is an accident. It is really boring since someone STOLE the radio out of my car. Geeezzz - I don't even get to listen to Christmas Carols!

0830 - start work

1700 - get off of work

1830 - If I don't have any errands to run, I get home from work and start feeding the animals and most recently I have to clean KC's room since he seems to have forgotten that he is suppose to be house trained ..Since he was hit by the car, he is still a bit mentally off.

1900 - go upstairs and get something to eat.

1930 - change clothes and do a few inside things..still trying to get the Christmas stuff up and OMG - I still have to wrap so many gifts before Emily, Madison and Trestin get here on the 13th!!

2000 - back down to the barn. Tack up Dominus (young horse that is not finished) that must be worked everyday...even if it is dark. I started to run beside him just to fit in some exercise for myself as well and he thinks that is fun. I think it reminds me of just how old my body is...cause this is just plain fricken painful!

2030 - wash Dominus, towel him dry while he is trying to bite me (remember - he is young and kind of stupid)..and cross tie him in the stall while I clean the other dirty stall. Sounds simple - but again, this is very physical.

2045 - finish up other barn chores - last night I was putting new bows on the wreaths and hanging them on the outside barn windows in the dark. Since it was dark this morning when I left for work - I have no idea if they looked okay or not!

2100 - go up stairs and attempt to wash the horse smell off of me.

2130 - crawl into our wonderful new bed.

2131 - pass out

2140 - answer phone cause hubby is calling to say he is on his way home.

2141 - pass out again

2230 - wake up in a panic because Chrissy (our resident loud mouth dog) is barking telling me hubby is home...unless I am so exhausted that I have already reached that level or REM sleep that is closest to death!

This weekend I am covering a horse show and the very next weekend is when I am flying to AZ. to pick up Emily, Madison and Trestin only to get right back on a plane to come home. Thank God I work for an airline!!!

Dear Santa,

All I really want for Christmas is a wife!

PS - sorry the cookies were not home made this year!


Emily said...

Just one more week I am so excited!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Just reading your schedule made me tired. I thought I had a full schedule with work, school, family , etc.
But sheesh...nothing compared to you for sure. I hope there is a break for you insight soon.

Ginger said...

Julie I don't know how you keep that schedule going every day. That sounds so exhausting. And then you have to find time to cook dinner too? You definitely need a wife. lol.

justabeachkat said...

And I thought I was busy!

I hope Santa gives you what you want.


vivian said...

wonderful post.. you tired me out! you do need more hours in your day! but its all good living! I was hoping that KC would be back to normal by now.. darn!
have a blessed weekedn!

Kelli said...

You do need some more hours in your day! Hang in there!

Susan said...

Wow! Girl, you must be so exhausted by doing all that. I got tired just reading about all you do! Try to find some time for you in there. You deserve it!

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Julie,

well...I have nothing to complain about having 24 people for Christmas. Your life is much busier than mine.

Hope things get better & fast for you.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

justabeachkat said...

Just thinking about you. I hope Don's test goes well tomorrow. Let me know, okay?

Christmas hugs!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

JULIE! I thought I was busy with five boys! My goodness! I am tired just reading this, lol! I hope you can somehow relax before Christmas :)


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I'm worn out just from hearing what your schedule is, Julie! Hope you have time to relax and de-stress, soon!