Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Special Gift!

Teresa from Living the Life sent me these wonderful gifts! Candy corn and adorable little pumpkin holders to put it in. A dish towel with a Halloween cat on it and my very favorite...the adorable heavy weight fabric with the black cat design on it. I am going to make Madison a jumper for next year and there is so much that I will have enough to make some holiday pillows as well!Thank you so much Teresa. The gift made me feel so special! I love decorating for all holidays - but since my husbands birthday is on Halloween - it is especially fun!


Ginger said...

How sweet was that to get those gifts. Very cute.
Happy birthday, early to hubby...halloween huh? That would be fun to throw a halloween/birthday party. Look at all the decorations you could use.

LivingTheLife said...

So glad the goodies brightened your day. You know it all started with that cute fabric from the re-sale shop I love to frequent! When I saw it I immediately thought of you...funny, how in blog land that happens. When I see anything with a cherry on it I think of Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage...and any thing Floridian makes me think of Kat...I have so many people I think about...I could go broke if I thought too!

Glad you're enjoying it...and that fabric will make a cute jumper and pillows...yea...there was quite a lot...but hey for a dollar and then an added 75% off (which I didn't know till I got ready to pay)I couldn't go wrong!

Blessings...and Happy Early B-Day to your hubbin'!