Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Equestrian Style.

Okay - so other than the obvious fact that I live on a horse farm...our home has many Equestrian influences..from big to small. This is an ariel view of the East side of our farm. A guy flew his plane over our place and took it. How could we not want it when we saw it?

Here is a hand painted plate that I purchased at one of the Saddlebred horse shows I cover for Saddle and Bridle magazine.

This was hand stitched by my Grand Mother for my parents when they moved into their first home.

Even though this is more the Hunter style of riding - I love foxes! Maybe though it is because they look so much like Corgi dogs!

This is a Saddlebred painting that I could not take my eyes off of when I saw it. The artist even used short horse hair in the paint to give it more texture.

This little blue ribbon charm was given to me by my husband when I started to show. He told me that as long as I did not fall off the horse or throw up - I was a winner!

My Mother bought this silver ring for me on one of our trips to Mexico. She loved unique jewelry and knew this piece fit me to a tee!

This is a Swedish Horse that Mom used to use as a part of her Christmas decor. Sadly the basement of their building flooded and in that basement was all of their Christmas items in their storage unit. All of the original paint peeled off of this - so I decided to paint it black to match our interiors, added the Equus Villa logo and keep it displayed all year.

I found this at an antique store recently. It is a small fire poker...

..made of solid brass it has a wonderful horse head handle!

A friend from work went to an auction. She and her husband purchased a box of misc. stuff. One thing in the box was this letter opener. Look closely and you will see that the handle is the leg and hoof of a horse! Thank you again Tonja. I really do love it!


Susan said...

I love your horse themed collectibles. And your farm is in such a pretty area.

Cathy Miller said...

Julie, I love your horse themed collection, too! I am an old cowgirl myself (barrel racer in my former life) but I love anything equine! I don't live on a farm but we really want to and WILL someday!
I found your blog through a link from Between Naps on the Porch and have added it to my favorites! Stop by the Hamlet sometime!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

How beautiful and just perfect for your home Julie! So elegant. I love the horse that was your moms, that is so pretty!


pedalpower said...

What a wonderful collection. That's the kind of thing I love to see at someone's house....things that really relate to who they are. LOOOOve that ring!

Killi said...

I think your horse head poker is a toasting fork. They're all very beautiful