Monday, September 15, 2008

...and more

About 24 hours after the storm hit, our electricity came back on! We frantically refilled water buckets and troughs, started laundry and anything else that required electricity....then it went off...and then on..and then off again. This morning it was on no one here at work can call me "Stinky" - at least not today anyway! The phone is another story. We did not lose our land line service until Sunday, which is confusing to me and last night we lost all cell phone reception from our farm. When I drive away from the farm - about 10 miles or so, I do get reception...??? Also - no internet, even though I have a wireless card. Today is my first day back at work - which is the only reason I am able to post.

Late last night a text message came through that was disturbing to say the least. Emily sent a text for us to contact Joy, our youngest daughter, immediately. We left (in our PJ's) and drove until we had cell phone reception to call her. My sweet 25 year old daughter's apartment ceiling collapsed in on all of her belongings! This broke my heart. You see - this is not some lazy, always trying to get something for nothing kind of a kid. She is a hard worker. She earned a double business degree, secured a wonderful job earning 1/3 more than other companies were offering her classmates, found a great apartment, and was working hard to furnish it piece by piece. My heart just sank as I listened to her cry her eyes out on the phone to me. Thankfully, my smart girl was smart enough to secure renters insurance! I will post pictures from this when she sends them to me.


Emily said...

I am very glad that at least daddy's cell phone aloud him to get text messages last night. Joy called me crying her eyes out and all Daren and I could do is jump on the cell phones and try to call you guys,sense daddy's cell was ringing unlike yours which was just going to voice mail that just maybe daddy could recieve text messages. We wish we were there to help her. I feel so bad, I just hope that nothing keepsake wasn't damaged like photos. I am also really happy that she has renters insurance. I just Thank God that you guys got my text! I Love You.

Susan said...

I feel so bad that your daughter's apartment was damaged. I hope everything is replacable (not special keepsakes). I'm glad she's OK and you, too. And of course your beautiful horses.

Ginger said...

So happy to read that your family is safe. I know it's scary when things happen to our kids, but it sounds like Joy has her head on straight and she will come out of this just fine.

Sue said...



dave88 said...

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