Monday, August 25, 2008

Umm - I'll Call This One ~ Product of the Month!

Okay - with 2 daughters of my own and our first Grandchild being a girl..well I don't know much about baby boy products ...but this one sure caught my eye! It is called The Pee-pee Teepee!

The Pee-pee Teepee Poem
Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory;
Changing a baby boy is an even bigger horror story.
You hold his feet in one hand, and the diaper in the other;
The whole time praying, "Please don't pee on your mother!"

Here are a few of my favorite designs...

You have the Wild West Design:

Or Camo would be sheik since Daddy is in the Air Force!..

..but my favorite hands down is the Santa Hat!


em said...

too funny!

justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! Why didn't I think of this idea?!!!!


Robyn said... that cute cute!

Susan said...

I didn't have a boy...but this sounds like a great idea! I didn't have this problem with my girl.

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Oh how I wish they would have had those when my boys were little. I can't count the times I got peed on.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

This is hilarious!


LivingTheLife said...

Those little tee pee's are too darn cute...somebody was thinking!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about Cost far as needing a passport...YES you do need far as I was told!

Oh...and I haven't sent your little goodie yet, been very busy with a few medical tests...alls well...just some things that I needed to have done b/c of family heart history...I'll be getting to the post office by the end of the week...sorry for the delay!


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Congratulations on the new sweet g'son. Boys are notorious for squirting..... so that's a great idea!
How lucky you are to know horses. I've never even rode one & I'd love to learn. I don't even know how to go about I just call a farm & ask for lessons?
Thanks so much for the kind comments, I hope you are well, Hugs, DebraK

Anonymous said...

weird and yet, so practical!!!

vivian said...

hey Julie, thank you for the compliments! show me a picture of your santa and mrs, and maybe I can give you some ideas!
and thanks also.. I really needed a third player in my pay it forward! please email me your address!