Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Schedule???

On of my favorite bloggers Repunzel's Castle typed out her daily (at least Monday through Friday) schedule. Lots of people have commented on my blog about all the different things that I do..and have asked how I get them done... well here is your chance to get a glimpse into my glamorous (NOT!) world!

Morning Routine:

0445 - Alarm starts shrieking
0446 - I hit husband on the back until he hits the snooze button.
0452 - Shrieking alarm goes off again and although I make dear husband hit the snooze again ..I eventually get up before the ear torture goes off yet another time.

I now have until 0530 to get my clothes and make up on, my lunch made and plant myself into my car. Most of this time is usually spent standing in my closet, staring at my clothes and wishing I had not indulged in that extra cookie!

0535 - If I am on time, I am driving down the driveway. 99.9% of the time DH and dog Chrissy walk me down the stairs to waive good bye.

0700 - Target time to make it to work..which I always do unless there is horrific traffic.

0700-1530 Work on a computer all day. When it is slow, I write my stories for Saddle and Bridle Magazine, check my favorite blogs or do what I am doing now! I also pay bills and make endless lists of things I need to do, buy, tell someone, or whatever else I don't want to forget. I also try very hard to walk the parking lot on my lunch time - but I have to admit..sometimes I have to go out to my car and just take a nap!

1530-1700 - drive back to the farm ...but also do any errands. Yesterday I had to stop at Lowes to pick up extra fencing lumber and go by the feed store to buy roughly 800 pounds of feed!

1700- until dark. Get home, open barn, let out inside dogs - who by now have their little legs crossed because they have to pee so badly! Start the sprinklers because it is so dag blasted hot. I feed 8 of these:

5 of these:

4 of these:

and keep this from eating all the barn cat food!

Next I unloaded the truck, moved the sprinklers, picked fruit and veggies from the garden, pulled some weeds...and if I have time, I might ride one of the horses..

..until I run out of daylight!

2100 - Unconscienceness. Went upstairs ..starting to feel lethargic by now..ate something for dinner (can't remember), took a bath while talking to pregnant daughter on the phone (multi-tasking..but I don't think my face ever got washed!), tried to gather some clean clothes for a road trip I am taking Friday night and then fell into bed.

How can I do all of this you ask?? It is because I don't have any more of these living at the house:


Lynne Laura said...

Love this post Julie, what a day you have. I know I couldn't do it, work wears me right out! You go girl!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

emily said...

Man I feel bad, you were in the tub when you were talking to me, I am sorry. That is supposed to be your time to relax!
Haha love the picture of Joy's butt...

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Julie! I'm catching up on blogs! What a schedule! Makes me tired thinking of it! and lots of mouths to feed! I love them all though! I'm loving all the adorable pictures of your sweet grand baby!

Michele said...

What a busy day! And that hour and a half drive to and from work has to be a killer. UGH! I love your farm and critters - esp. the corgies and horses. Looks like a happy place to end the day!

pedalpower said...

Wow, you've really got drive! I love the pic of your girl at the end!

vivian said...

great post Julie! it was fun reading how your day goes!
I should do a post like this sometime! (but I will forget and probably never do it!!)
have a great day tomorrow!