Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Halloween on the Brain!

Have you been in the stores lately? Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Garden Ridge Pottery and my favorite Marshalls all have wonderful Fall decorations for sale!


CIELO said...

I know, I've been seeing Halloween decorations everywhere.... I can't believe it! Is not even Aug. yet! Next week we'll probably see Christmas decor out! :)

Enjoy the day, Julie!

vivian said...

I have also noticed! Its so early! I love seeing all the halloween, but it makes me feel like summer is almosts gone. I actually bought halloween goodies yesterday at Marshalls. stuff for a gift for my halloween crazy girlfriend!

emily said...

I know, we were just there and as soon as I saw all the decorations Daren yells out, "Let's go!"
I love the smell of hobby lobby and micheals when they have all those fall decorations out, it's like you can smell the holidays approaching.
I really hope we can come home for the Holiday's this year. Then everyone will be able to meet Trestin.
Keep your fingers cross still for orders to TX!
Love you bunches!