Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things..

This is the china pattern I picked out before I got married. It is by Nortake and called Vienna. I was smitten the moment I saw it. Sadly though, as with many other china patterns, it is no longer in production. When Mom and I found out that the production was going to stop, she went out and bought me quite a few more place settings and each birthday or Christmas, I received another one. I now have 19 place settings. Was shooting for 20 so there would be enough for a large family buffet, but 19 is close!

This is my Waterford Crystal pattern. It is called Lismore. One of the best things Mom did when we were picking out my patterns, was to educate me about different companies. Did you know that once Waterford creates and markets a pattern, it promises to not discontinue it. It is true that speciality pieces may not always be available, but the basic glasses are suppsoe to always be available. So far so good with this pattern and I picked it out 28 years ago!

This is a speciality piece of Waterford I purchased.


Susan said...

Your mother sounds like a wise woman. I love the Waterford...Just beautiful!

Hugs from Susan at the Little yellow House

Amy said...

Julie, have you ever heard of It's a website for people like you and me, who have beautiful china but sadly, they discontinued the line. I received my china as a wedding gift from my grandmother (it was my great-great aunt's china), so getting additional pieces was impossible, or so I thought...

Check out their website - maybe they have your pattern!

Andea said...

That pitcher is gorgeous. I have the same Waterford stemware - and I have never gotten tired of it either.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Those pieces are beautiful Julie! I love Waterford but dont have any. The china is GORGEOUS! So elegant an reminds me of you!