Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Huntsville, TX part 1

Sunday afternoon, Don and I crawled upon our bikes and headed out to Huntsville, TX. Mostly known as the location of the state prison, Huntsville is much more...much much more and that is why I have to go back to write a part 2 segment!

After an amazing ride through a National Forest and over a long bridge crossing Lake Conroe, our first stop was the Sam Houston Monument. It is situated right off of I-45 and it is huge!

If you have never seen it, look very closely. Can you see my husband standing at the bottom of the statue?

Because it was already mid afternoon, and most businesses closed between 4 and 5, we had to limit our exploring down to one other event before heading back. Guess where we went? The Prison Museum!

It was scary how fast Don got out his camera when I walked into this cell!

..and it would not have been a great museum without seeing the actual electric chair affectionately known as 'Old Sparky'!


Susan said...

I would be right there going to the prison museum. I love that kind of thing. How fun!

That statue is unbelieveable. I guess they do- do things BIG in Texas!

CIELO said...

Very interesting... we have a prison museum here too that dated the days of the gold rush... it always amazes me to think that real people lived and died there...


justabeachkat said...

Wow...what an amazing trip! I can not believe how big that statue is! Unbelievable.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

That is one HUGE statue! Yowza!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

JULIE!!!! That place looks scary! But I would so visit it, lol! Wasnt it eerie in the prison cell?

WOW on the statue! It fits right in in texas, lol!


PAT said...

Wow, that statue is huge!!

The prison visit, looks interesting. Would you believe our 8th grade field trip was to the Algoa Farms prison in Jefferson City, Missouri. It was actually a "working" prison at that time...I can't remember if it's still open, now!!


pedalpower said...

Wow, that's one huuuuge statue. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas!