Thursday, May 8, 2008

Contest Reminder!

You see - I am looking for a unique logo that I can stencil onto our new horse trailer...and later have it sewn onto stall curtains that are used at horse shows ...and then maybe even on shirts and caps and such. But - I am looking for some fresh ideas....not a copy of someone else's logo with my name on it!

Here are a few Saddlebred logos already in use - so that you get the idea of what the horse must look like!

Must have a high head.

..a high set tail..

..and exhibit great leg action.. both front and back.


I am looking for a logo that displays our farm name and all or part of a Saddlebred horse.

The Farm name is Equus Villa. (FYI - It is Latin for horse farm)
I love the Old English font...but am open to others.
If a horse is used in the logo - it MUST represent a Saddlebred.
Our Farm colors are Black and White with silver as an accent color.

This contest is open to ANYONE who is interested - you do not need to have a blog and there is no age limit.

What is the prize you ask??? Well - just to cover all the bases of what EVERYONE would or might want... It will be a crisp $100.00 bill!

Contest deadline is midnight June 01, 2008. Please tell all of your creative friends, relatives, children...etc. etc. etc. I REALLY REALLY need a logo and have turned to the most creative group of people I know to find one!

I must have at least 20 entries from no less than 15 people...and even if I do not use one - I will just pick my favorite and award that person the money. If there are less than 20 entries from 15 people but one logo is perfect - I will award that designer the money as well! There is no limit on how many logos you can submit. Please e-mail them to me at

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