Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Party...

Sooo - I love to plan a party...casual or formal. I really get into all the details from the food to the decor and everything else in between! Well - lately anything I have planned for outside has come up..well how can I say... lame...or at least limping!First my Thanksgiving diner had to be moved inside because of high winds... and now this picnic was interrupted by rain....THREE times! GRRRR

The Bar-B-Que had to be moved away from the Gazebo because the wind was blowing it right into our faces.

Soaked were the table linens..before I even had a chance to put on the beautiful table toppers...before I could set out the vases of matching silk flowers or even before we could hand out the adorable fans Emily and I made. The market umbrellas were not in their place to block the sun - but rather smashed over by the tables to protect the food - with my guests smashed together under them...The rain would come and then go...and then come and go...

I realize that it looks sunny in these photos - but don't let that fool you!

There was wind for the kites when it was raining..but then it would die down.

Daren helped entertain the kids by drawing on the driveway with them using the egg shaped chalk I found.

This is Debbie and Harry..our favorite neighbors!

Sooo - what do you take the lemons and make lemonade and just deal with it. Sadly - because of the situation - I do not have the picturesque photos I was hoping for...and some of the outside activities were not even played...but we did have a nice get together (a very close get together when it was raining!) and many who do not often get to see Madison - were able to visit for quite a while.


justabeachkat said...

Bless your heart! I'm sure everyone had fun though.


pedalpower said...

I'm glad you were able to have a nice time in spite of the weather. The way you served your lemonaide looks so pretty!