Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Food Reports!

Check out the difference in between whole milk, 2% fat, and 1 % fat milk! Much of the difference is only in FAT and calories!

Now check out the nutritional facts of Soy Milk. This is not even the light version of Soy milk which has about 70 calories a cup. Soy milk also has a much longer shelf life.

Remember my last post on these noodles. I actually gave a report on a different brand than these - but since then I was able to try these. Here is my honest opinion: They are packaged the same way - packed in water. When I opened the package, there was a faint smell of fish, not as much as the previous brand. These noodles have more calories, 20 calories per serving instead of 5 and those calories come from making them look more like egg and flour pasta. I rinsed them, drained them, and heated them in the microwave. I tasted a few noodles without sauce and they are a bit rubbery in texture, but still a nice substitute for the high calorie version I think!

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