Monday, November 12, 2007

The Nutcracker Market

The Nutcracker Market is a giant indoor craft show (no resale booths) that raises money for the Houston Ballet. Every year I find many more things that I want than I have $$ to buy..but that is exactly what keeps me coming back year after year! The show decor is as awesome as the show itself.

Here are a few of the vendors. I had a lot of problems taking pictures though as most booth owners objected. This first photo was of a custom made lighting fixture from one of my favorite booths. I love their childrens items!

No this is not just a big bag of brown!! It is 25 yards of the most shimmery romantic fabric that I will be using to drape over the gazebo, to give the dramitic look I want for our dinner!

A beautiful ceramic pumpkin.
...and lots of Christmas goodies.I bought more - but the rest are gifts and gifts to those who visit this NO PEEKING!


bj said...

uMMM...this all looks so great. I love your brown fabric and can hardly wait to see the way you use it.
I love your C. decos, too! I am trying soooo hard to hold off until after Thanksgiving to even think of C. decorations but there's a local thing happening here next week called Holiday Happenings and, like this one you went to, they have the most delicious things for Christmas.

Emily said...

Man I wish I lived closer. Looks like there were a lot of neat things there. Maybe next year I can fly down. Miss you.
Love you,

restyled home said...

Oooh, I wnat that glittery boot!! Noow, THAT'S a treasure!!


vickie said...

Love the pictures, Julie. Beautiful finds! Your gazebo is going to look fabulous.

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