Friday, July 6, 2007

Inspiration Friday

Today's inspiration comes from my blogging friend Rhoda. Please visit her wonderful blog She is an amazing decorator!!

I had a dilemma and she posted this picture, which is the answer to my problem. The entire living area of our farm is decorated in French Country with lots of toile and mattress ticking fabrics in black, cream and deep red accents. ( promise to post pictures later.) I made and built several things so they would match, which included a decorative shower curtain. Several months after we had settled in, I noticed that the bottom of my shower curtain was getting dirty. I took it down and washed it...and it shrunk. Not just a bit - but I swear the thing lost 4 inches off of the length. I have never liked it as much since then.

Well - getting back to Rhoda's beautiful dining room adding on a black and cream gingham trim on the top with decorative fringe will not only solve my problem, but it will also look like it was designed that way originally!

Thank you Rhoda!!! ((((((Hugs))))))


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Isn't Rhoda such a constant inspiration to all of us! I am addicted to her blog.

Now when do we get to see these toile pix of yours?

Julie said...

Soon - soon...I promise. I have to scan them or take new ones. You see - many of my belongings are still in storage. DH and I are still working on our marriage and although we spend much more time together and we both believe that things will work out - I don't actually live at the farm. This has been a great time to clean, repaint and repair though!

Angela @ Cottage Magpie + Home said...

What a great idea! And I love the toile. Can't wait to see photos! ~A :-)

Rhoda said...

Julie, I'm so happy you found some inspiration with my toile panels! Thanks for the wonderful mention & I can't wait to see your progress all of those areas mentioned. :)


Julie said...

Okay - it should not be this hard to find coordinating gingham fabric! I am still looking!

Southern Heart said...

Julie, I'm so glad that you featured Rhoda's decorating...everything she does is lovely!

Are you wanting a small gingham, or a larger check? In black/cream? I used to see the small check on eBay (try searching "waverly black fabric" and see what you come up with...check also the "search descriptions" box if you are still having trouble). I bought quite a bit of the larger check on eBay a few months ago, for my son's room.

Good luck!