Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Remember..

The above picture is of me, about 3 years old on vacation with my family in Flordia.

Please see the first "I Remember" blog written by Just A Beach Kat! Her blog reference is in my favorite blogs list below.

I remember seeing our farm property for the first time and knowing that God told me it was ours.

I remember when the Sonogram Tech told me my baby was a boy and I told him he was wrong. 3 months later I gave birth to my Emily!

I remember seeing my husband for the first time and not being able to breathe.

I remember sitting on the floor crying my eyes out the day I left our marriage.

I remember my son-in-law and I, clasping arms around Emily's back, helping her pull up to push during her contractions. It was like a circle of love like I have never experienced.

I remember Madison's first cries and how astonished I was by her beauty.

I remember every time Joy cried because it was so rare and I always knew something was really wrong if the happiest child in the world was crying!

I remember telling my Mother I love you the last time I saw her conscience, and thanking her for adopting me as she slipped out of my life.

I remember my Father riding rental horses with me, even though I knew he really did not enjoy riding.

I remember coming home from school after my brother had been in an accident which blew glass into the back of his eyes and wondering if he would be blind forever.

I remember my first horse show and being ecstatically happy to get a ribbon. There were 2 more horses in the class than there were ribbons!

I remember how much fun Joy and I had taking riding lessons together at Sue's.

I remember the horror I felt as I taught my daughters how to drive.

I remember when Don adopted the girls, even though Emily was already 18 and how the judge told us it was wonderful to be a part of something good (assuming he had to hear a lot of bad)

I remember the births of every animal on our farm and the pain of losing our pets.

I remember when my Grandfather took me to the elegant Pin Oak Charity Horse show and I saw an American Saddlebred Horse for the first time.

I remember getting my braces off and getting a stylish hair cut in the same week.

I remember going to Chicago in the summers to visit my maternal Grandparents and how hot it was! We ate orange push up ice cream and always spent 1 entire day at the down town Marshall Fields store!..and Fannie May candy!!!

Oh my gosh - I think I could go on forever!


Sandy McTier said...

An absolutely incredible post! Thank you for sharing with us.
Have a blessed day!

Carolyn said...

Oh, Julie, thank you so much for taking us along on such a precious walk down memory lane with you! Loved your writing. Have a great day ~ making wonderful memories. :-)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Julie, I just love this post! it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us!


justabeachkat said...


I've been busy these last few days so I'm just catching up. What a beautiful post! Love it! Wonderful memories.